Mastering Price Action by Urban Forex

Mastering Price Action by Urban Forex

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Mastering Price Action Course


One of the most powerful courses on the internet. Covering price action techniques in a very unique way from the industry’s award-winning mentor. Get 7 weeks of pure jaw-dropping information never shared before.

  • I’ve made this 7 weeks course to show you all the important details of price action.
  • I’ve compressed 12 years of mastering price action into this course.
  • Based on all the feedback I got over the last few months I’ve tailormade this course (for you to master price action in no time)
  • No matter which time frame you trade, mastering price action will apply to it.
  • You won’t believe how many “Ah-Ha” moments I’ve put into this course.


  • Buyers—how to understand the flow of the market from a buyer’s perspective
  • Sellers—how to identify if sellers are still in the market
  • Gauging Momentum—monitor the flow of the market like a pulse to spot reversals
  • Market Conditions and States—how to adjust to various market conditions
  • Ranges—learn about ranges and how to benefit from them
  • Channels—how to leverage “tilted ranges” to boost your profits
  • Trends—how to find out if what you’re seeing is really a trend—and what to do about it
  • Money Spot—find the “hidden battle” between buyers and sellers. Plus, how to understand the “illusion” and how you can take advantage of it
  • Timeframes—learn how to add mulitple timeframes to your arsenal (ignore this at your peril)
  • V-formations—how to identify (and profit from) the signs of a larger player’s return to the market
  • Probes, Fake Outs and Spikes—discover why these happen and how to profit from them

Plus, you’ll also get five special, members-only webinars (over 5 hours of high-value video content):

  • Breaches, Territories and V Formations
  • Territories, Gauging Momentum and a Checklist to Trade
  • Ranges, Gauging Momentum, Timeframes, Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Understand the Big Boys and Support & Resistance
  • ** A full trade explained by Navin Prithyani **
At Urban Forex, Navin teaches what others think it is not necessary to teach. Navin wants others to learn and grow together as a team. He has been extremely generous about his course fees. He is not teaching to make money rather he wants to educate potential investors to make sound decision before risking their hard earned savings. His risk management strategies are second to none. Urban Forex is obsolete the greatest place to learn trading. I am incredibly happy that I am learning with the expert who has passion to help others. No strings attached. Thank you.

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