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RSI With Trend Manager

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RSI with Trend Manager Strategy is a slow trend-momentum trading System.This system works best on 15M – 30M – 1H and 4H time frames. Any currency pair.

 The rules are very easy and straight forward


BLUE LINES under the candles + BLUE BARS on the separated window indicator


Once you see a blue line and a blue bar, that means the current trend is up trend. Open

buy” order.

Stop loss can be a fixed number, for example : 50 pips for 1H time frame and 75 pips

for 4H chart.

Stop loss can also be based on support and resistance levels.


RED LINES below the candles + RED BARS in the separated window indicator


RSI with Trend Manager Strategy

Targets can be based on :

1 – Fixed number for each trade. Example, 65 pips for 1H chart and 95 pips on 4H


2 – Opposite signal. Example, if the current opened trade is a sell trade then close it

when you get a buy signal.

3 – You can also use support and resistance, pivot points or Fibonacci levels.

Like any other trading system, this system is not the holy grail. That means you will

have losing trades!

There are many strategies to use to keep your account safe ..

1 – Use trailing ( moving ) stop loss

2 – Always use money management

For example, never trade with stop loss larger than your target. Never trade when

major economic news are released. Never trade with “scary/crazy” lot sizes!

This RSI with Trend Manager Strategy has an low profitability but ratio risk is high.

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